For those who are racing through a career mode in F1we have compiled a list of the best car setups for each track. You can find a complete selection of car setups for each track in F1 in our setup section. These range from time trial setups through to a variety of dry and wet race setups.

However below are the best dry race setups for each track in F1 This is the best race setup for the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne in F1 that we have tried.

It is important to have grip at the rear of the car through the fast corners that make up the Melbourne GP circuit. Bahrain is a particularly power hungry circuit, however houses a selection of tricky corners. It features a balanced aerodynamic setup with an open differential to allow for maximum drive-ability out of the tricky corners. The Chinese GP in F1 is a mixture of long straights and fast sweeping corners.

Following on from the long straight in China, Baku tops that with the longest straight on the F1 calendar. Other than this long straight, you will need a very good balance to be able to drive the technical first and second sector at speed.

This is the best race setup for the Spanish Grand Prix in F1 The Spanish GP is a unique track as it features a little bit of everything. There is a reasonably long straight, a selection of fast corners and a technical sector. There is a reason this track is used for Winter testing. A good setup requires a very balanced stable setup.

This is the best race setup for the Monaco Grand Prix in F1 Monaco is one of the trickiest circuits to drive in F1especially in a competitive scenario with simulation damage on.

We would advise against a max downforce setup as you will be too slow on the short straights making overtaking almost impossible. Instead, a high downforce setup is the way to go around Monaco in F1 This is the best race setup for the Canadian Grand Prix in F1 Fast straights and heavy braking zones make up the majority of the Canadian track. You should look for a reasonably low downforce setup with higher wing at the rear for stability through the fast corners. Increase the brake pressure to slow the car down quicker and run a softer suspension setup so you can attack the kerbs.

This is the best race setup for the French Grand Prix in F1 The French track is reasonably flat allowing you to run a stiffer car setup.

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You will want to run slightly less downforce than average, and prioritise your car balance for the long corners. This is the best race setup for the Austrian Grand Prix in F1 Austria is easily one of the funnest circuits to drive in F1 It is quick, with a majority of corners taken at high speed.

Car balance is key, and you should look to lower your downforce, as you will spend most of the lap at high speed. We would suggest manually adjusting the differential for the heavy braking zones of turns 3 and 4 to allow for maximum traction on corner exit.

This is the best race setup for the British Grand Prix in F1 The British track requires a very balanced setup. You will need to focus on getting maximum traction out of corners as many corners lead on to long straights. Lower your on throttle differential to to ensure maximum speed on the straights.

This is the best race setup for the German Grand Prix in F1 The German track allows you to run an aggressive suspension setup.

f1 2019 setups brazil

Look to run a softer setup so you can ride the kerbs through the final technical sector.Please feel free to discuss the above setups, suggest tweaks and let everyone know which setup is your favourite. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Brazilian Grand Prix is one of the funniest, yet most technical on the F1 calendar. Overtaking chances are limited around the Interlagos F1 circuit due to its twisty nature.

There is a very good overtaking spot at the first corner after the long sweeping full speed pit section. To really maximise your lap time potential around Brazil you need to have a very stable and well balanced setup. Despite the technical nature of the Brazilian circuit, you wont need to run overly high amounts of downforce.

More importantly you should be running higher rear downforce to keep the rear of the car in contact with the circuit around the long sweeping turns. Due to the majority of corners being very slow around Brazil the track is very heavily rear limited.

You need to be able to manage your rear tyres and limit wheel spin throughout the track and the race. In turn setting up your car to have an open differential and lower tyre pressures should make up a key part of your overall setup. In turn, because the front tyres wont wear too fast, you can setup your suspension geometry to give you better turn in.

This allows you to reduce your front downforce a little. The main element which makes a good setup around Brazil in F1 is stability. Due to the twisty nature you want to consistently be able to position the car where you need it.

Stability and consistency is paramount here. Grand Prix.

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Time Trial. Discuss these setups. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Most Popular Posts.

f1 2019 setups brazil

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The Best F1 2019 Setup For Each Track In Career Mode

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Privacy policy.The race was the twentieth and penultimate round of the Formula One World Championship and marked the 48th running of the Brazilian Grand Prix and the 47th time that the race has been run as a World Championship event since the inaugural season in The drivers and teams were the same as the season entry list with no additional stand-in drivers for the race.

Max Verstappen maintained his lead down into the first corner, while just behind, Lewis Hamilton overtook Sebastian Vettel for second. Apart from a few minor changes in the midfield, and Charles Leclerc steadily making upwards progress from fourteenth on the grid, the order remained generally stable for the first few laps. On lap 9 Daniel Ricciardo attempted an overtake on Kevin Magnussenbut Ricciardo locked his tyres, causing a collision which resulted in Magnussen going into a spin and Ricciardo suffering damage to his front wing.

Ricciardo was later given a five-second time penalty for the incident. By lap 11 Leclerc had made his way up to sixth place. On lap 20 Mercedes pitted Hamilton, hoping to undercut Verstappen. The next lap, Red Bull pitted Verstappen to try to cover off Hamilton. The pit stop broke the record for fastest pit stop with a time of 1.

F1 Game Car Setup

Verstappen and Hamilton quickly passed Leclerc, before Verstappen overtook Hamilton into turn 1. Over the next dozen of laps the wind started to pick up in speed.

On lap 42 Bottas pitted for hard tyres, with his teammate, Hamilton, pitting two laps later to go onto the mediums. On lap 45 Verstappen pitted to prevent the undercut attempt from Hamilton. Further back, Bottas was unable to find a way past the Ferrari of Leclerc.

Bottas retired on lap 52 with a hydraulics problem. His stopped car was adjudged to need a safety car to retrieve, initiating a round of pit stops. Hamilton was told to do the opposite of Verstappen, and so Hamilton stayed out whereas Verstappen pitted. Further back, Leclerc and George Russell also pitted and any lapped cars were allowed to unlap themselves forcing the safety car to stay out for another couple of laps. Verstappen managed to overtake Hamilton into turn 1. Further back, the other Red Bull of Albon overtook Vettel for third, while Grosjean in the Haas started to have problems with his car, causing him to drop back.

On lap 66 Leclerc overtook Vettel in turn 1, but Vettel, on the back straight, tried to take the position back. The two collided, with Leclerc suffering a broken suspension and Vettel getting a puncture. Both Ferraris retired from the race with terminal damage, and the safety car was called out again. Mercedes then pitted Hamilton, still on lap 66, onto fresh soft tyres.

Brazilian GP Setups

During the safety car, Lance Stroll retired with front suspension damage. At the race restart, on lap 70, Hamilton passed Gasly, but later made contact with Albon while trying to pass him at turn Albon was sent into a spin and was forced to rejoin the field in fifteenth position.

Hamilton, too, was slowed by the contact, allowing Gasly to pass into second place. Verstappen came home to win his third race of the season. Six seconds behind him, Gasly beat Hamilton for second place by 0. As the final lap of the race was being run, a stewards investigation was announced concerning the Hamilton—Albon incident on lap The podium ceremony was run with Verstappen, Gasly, and Hamilton, but with the investigation ongoing for Hamilton. The stewards summoned Hamilton and Albon and Hamilton was given a five-second time penalty which dropped him from third to seventh.

His penalty promoted Sainz to third, representing Sainz's first podium finish although Sainz was not present at the podium ceremonyMcLaren's first since the Australian Grand Prix and also setting a new record for the youngest combined podium age, beating the Italian Grand Prix.

Carlos Sainz Jr 's podium finish meant that he was first Spanish driver to step on the podium since Fernando Alonso took his most recent podium finish at the Hungarian Grand Prix.Verstappen wins wild race in Brazil, as Ferraris clash and Gasly nets first podium.

Get up to speed with everything you need to know about the Brazilian Grand Prix, which takes place over 71 laps of the 4.

Using the links above you can find the full weekend schedule, including details of practice and qualifying sessions, support races, press conferences and special events, plus the latest news headlines, circuit information and F1 race results. You can also find broadcast information, with details of how and where you can watch the race on TV, or download the Brazilian Grand Prix schedule to your mobile device.

Grand Prix Weekend. Red flag. Sorry Something's gone wrong. Live Commentary. Watch F1 TV. Join Live Session. Brazil 15 - 17 Nov. Schedule News Circuit. Report Verstappen wins wild race in Brazil, as Ferraris clash and Gasly nets first podium.

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f1 2019 setups brazil

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